Here is a perfect example of the mentality of the american truck driver. Be sure to watch the video below. Not even smart enough to understand you dont piss into the wind ever let alone if your in a contest for pissing distance. He absolutely loses his mind because I dont drive “atleast” 70mph. We where in Arkansas where the speed is 45mph minimum and the limit is 70mph. Im in the right lane doing 56mph just easing along as I have all the time I need to get there. With nobody in the left lane in his way he about runs into me doing 75+mph then starts cussing about me being on my brakes. I hadnt had to touch my brakes in 60 or 80 miles which just tells me he was probably on his phone. Then as he gets farther away he gets more and more ignorant eventually telling me he would kick my ass if I would tell him where I am. Really? Scumbag knows exactly where I am. Knowing where I am is what started the whole thing. Now the reality of the situation is sad because he is probably making. 15 cents a mile due to his own stupidity. Just one reason being Im going 56mph and getting 8.4mpg while he is stressed out doing 75+mph getting probably 7.0mpg if he is lucky. That alone is about $10,000.00 more per year in my pocket, but Im stupid. Lmmfao. He is everything that is and always has been wrong with this industry, and why I cant wait now to leave it.