The reality I see as an educated free citizen that is not associated or aligned with either side. I think the Republican party is way closer to my personal beliefs, but I am no Republican. I am a part of the minority party. Im an American. I am closest to the beliefs of the Libertarians. I believe in peoples rights to be, do, and think whatever they want. I believe that I am who should provide for me and my family. That the government is an intrusive, restrictive, out of control dictatorship and the sheeple of this country are to blame. I also believe it’s going to get rapidly worse. Much, much worse. This next election no matter the outcome will put the way things are going in overdrive and the time to be ready for that will be gone. You have 561 days, and as you can see the clock is ticking. Dont say nobody warned you. Sounds Xtreme I know. I’m not claiming the end of the world. There are much less and worse things that are way more likely.

Unfortunately a hand full of changes or events alone wont be noticed in this country. However one day soon the people will look up and wonder how. How did this happen so fast? Ever heard of the story about the frog in the pot? Turn the temperature up slowly and he dont jump out. Then one day “All of a sudden” he’s cooked through and through.

Be the ant!