So in an effort to simplify and concentrate my effort on publishing interesting, entertaining, and helpful content I am closing all Social media other than my main accounts all of which can be found here on so please be sure to enter your best email and become a free member. Once your a member you will be notified everytime I post or share new content. Now what can you expect here? You will get a from my eyes view as an over the road truck driver, while living a debt free, off grid lifestyle. Also you will have a front row seat to our motorcycle adventures as we finish our new trailer, and get ready to travel this great country of ours. If these things are of interest to you than you are definitely in the right place.

Here at XtremeLiving we are not a marketing for profit company. We are not interested in selling you products or services. We will never ask you to pay to access our content. We do however raise revenue through advertisement and affiliate links. All money we net from these sources is donated to children’s miracle network. So watching our youtube video’s, clicking our Amazon links to buy things you are going to buy anyway will directly benefit a great cause.

Let’s talk alittle about who we are, and why you might want to follow, interact, or be interested in what we are doing.

My name is David Whitaker. I’m originally from Hubbard Ohio where I met my wife Cyndi of 18yrs. I gained 2 now grown daughters from her previous marriage. They have since gave us the greatest gifts ever, our 2 granddaughters. 2 years later I was blessed with my only son. We have moved around a bit since then living in Walton Ky for 2 years, as well as the last 11 years in Roanoke Virginia. Since the loss of my father 8 years ago we have busted our ass and sacrificed to become debt free and live a better more self reliant somewhat off grid life. Health and healthy eating has also become a big part of our lives. After spending 3 years getting to know and training with the former WWE superstar The Ultimate Warrior and just about every BIG name fitness youtuber there is we returned to the trucking industry 2 years ago. We have been with the same company for 2 years and lease our truck to them. We post trucking, fitness, financial related, and off grid homesteading type video’s. As well as custom motorcycle adventure and healthy eating video’s.



We operate a 2016 Volvo 670 at the moment, but are looking to upgrade very soon. I ride a 2018 Honda Fury and the wife is on a 2006 Honda Rebel. We are going to upgrade hers as well as soon as she gets some experience as she is a new rider. We just purchased a brand new 2017 Ford F350 diesel and a 2018 24ft x 8.5ft enclosed trailer that we plan on completely customizing to haul or bike on our motorcycle adventures.

Hope that let’s you in on a little bit of our background. We live comments and interactions because well isn’t that what’s it’s all about? Please follow us on our social media and especially here on the website. Feel free to ask any questions and let us know if there is anything that you would find interesting.


Thanks for stopping by. Hope you’ll stick around and enjoy the content you just never know where we will be next or what we will be doing, but I can assure you it will be done to the Xtreme.